Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have an old Ford Falcon that I want to sell. How do I go about it?

A. Simple. You either call us on the number listed on our website, or you take two minutes to fill out our online form. We give you an immediate quote and subsequently arrange the time to pick your vehicle up.

Q. Is your service extended to the whole city?

A. Yes, anywhere in Melbourne falls under our range of service. We do not charge anything to come and tow away your vehicle.

Q. I have a Holden Commodore which I’m looking to sell. It is still in roadworthy condition. It is also in your list of Used Cars. What does that mean?

A. It means that the Holden Commodore is one of the vehicles we prefer to buy, and thus are willing to pay a good price for it. Customers should check our ‘Cash for Used Cars’ page to see which models we prefer buying.

Q. If I’m in an urgent need of cash, how much time will it take for me to sell off the vehicle and get cash from you?

A. The same day, if everything goes well. If you contact us at an early hour and the sale and quote is agreed upon, we will arrive at your location on the same day to take it off your hands. The cash will also be paid on the spot.

Q. Is there anything I’m supposed to be doing before you arrive?

A. First of all, check whether there are any personal effects or belongings in the car. Is so, please remove them. Also, as far as possible, please make sure your car is positioned in a manner allowing our towing vehicle to remove it with as little hassle as possible. Finally, and most importantly, make sure you have all the required papers pertaining to the vehicle in question.

Q. Does your service deal with cars only?

A. Other than all kinds of vehicle removals, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans, we also deal with the collection of scrap metal. This includes tin, copper, steel, aluminum and iron. Please check our ‘Recycling Services’ for more information on the subject.

If you would like to receive some instant cash for any unwanted, old, used car and have it removed from your property today, please provide your details in the following form.