Removal For Your Old Car

We would like to outline three easy steps customers can follow to have their car removed:

  1. Call us and arrange a day and time that suits you.
  2. Prepare your car, remove any personal items, e-tags, and ensure that your car is positioned so that our truck will have easy access to the vehicle
  3. We arrive as scheduled, you provide us with the key to the car, we sight your identification, pay you cash, and then remove the vehicle.
  • Cash for Car Removals
  • Cash for Car Disposal
  • Cash for Old Car Removals
  • Cash for Unwanted Car Removals
  • Cash for Scrap Car Removals
  • Cash for Damaged Car Removals
  • Cash for 4WD Removals
  • Cash for Commercial Vehicle Removals
  • Cash for Trucks, Vans, Utes, Jeeps, Cars


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