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There’s a mile of a difference between buying a car in Melbourne and maintaining the same car in mint condition. No matter how well you keep it, over time, your brand spanking new car degenerates into a tired old motor that needs more money to be pumped in for repair and restoration.

Eventually, it is time to sell the car since it has attained the dreaded stature of ‘junk car’. However a junk car should never be thrown away as waste. It is perfectly recyclable and you deserve to be paid cash for a professional to come and do your old car removals in Melbourne.

Scrap material does not come free, and many industries are heavily dependent on junk car removals to bolster their production. Even now, the value of junk cars is increasing manifold. Junk car removal can fetch good bucks, if you know where to give it.

First off, there’s no set requirement to meet if you wish to be paid cash for scrap car removals. Our Cash A Car company can arrange easy damaged car removals in Melbourne in return for cash, that is, We’ll give you cash for taking away your old, unused, wasted car. Make, model or condition is immaterial, so give us a call today to see how much you can get for your old, unused car.

If you have a junk car lying unused at home, why not visit and get an instant quote over the phone. Damaged car removals can be arranged with no extra cost to you, rather you get cash in exchange your old car.


If you contact A1 Car Removals who offer car removals for cash in Melbourne, we’ll immediately offer you a reasonable quote for the exchange, along with free transportation of the vehicle. The prices quoted are  better than any you could hope to receive from an ordinary scrap yard dealer. You should know that when the cost of a vehicle’s repair is more than its original value, it is time to allot the status of ‘junk car’ and look for a way to sell it off at a healthy profit.

All you need to do is go online, search for Cash Cars Melbourne, or A1 Car Removals, online junk car removal services and provide your basic information, including your postcode. In mere minutes, you’ll receive your quote and can consider. Once you decide on a particular unwanted car removal company, your junk car will be removed on a fixed date free of charge and cash will be paid on the spot.

Also, you should bear in mind that a car which is left lying around will gradually gather rust. Apart from the fact that this damages the vehicle and its value when seeking paid car removals, it is also a major threat to the environment. So make sure you dispose of the vehicle without much delay. The longer you take, the less cash you get, it’s about as simple as that.

If you would like to receive some instant cash for any unwanted cars, old, used car and have it removed from your property today, please provide your details in the following form.

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